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My name is Shirley Anstis. Like many of you my life has consisted of exploring various paths in order to find my soul’s calling. I began my working life training in accountancy. After a while I realised that this path was not making me happy or supporting me in achieving my potential. Although it was difficult to do, and involved giving up a potentially lucrative career, I decided I needed to start over and change direction. I decided to go to university and study for a B.Sc. in Behavioural Sciences (a combination of Psychology and Sociology). This opened me up to a fascinating and insightful world.

Shirley AnstisI followed this by combining the business and psychology aspects of my experience to undertake a Masters in Careers Guidance enabling me to use my knowledge, skills and experience to support individuals in their career choices. Eventually I felt that I wanted to offer broader support than that possible through careers counselling and this got me interested in counselling and seeing life in a holistic way. I have since completed a diploma in counselling (Integrative Psychosynthesis) and have worked with many clients. Like you, I am continuously discovering more of who I am and what makes me happy. My own therapy has been instrumental in encouraging me to be more open to what life has to offer. It is an evolving process and like you I expect there will be more changes in my future. I look forward to meeting you and working together.

I am a registered member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists.

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