Becoming You...

Questions and answers

Does having counselling mean I cannot cope?

No it does not. It means you are interested in your thoughts and feelings and want to better understand your life to date so that you can live your best life. Therapy is not always an easy option as you will be opening yourself up to look at things you may have pushed aside in the past.

Why should I choose you?

My approach is known as Integrative Psychosynthesis. This approach is quite special as it looks at our full human self, is firmly grounded in our humanity but still retains our potential for more through the spiritual. This includes our emotions, soul, body, mind and spirit.
It is important that your therapist is someone you can connect to and trust. I suggest we have an initial meeting to see if we can work together before you make a final decision.

How do you work?

I will be able to see you for 50 minutes (usually the same day and time) on a weekly basis.

Can you fix my life?

No one is able to fix anyone else. Together we will focus on discovering your true self and what your soul longs for. You set the pace and, to some extent, the parameters. Therapy requires you to engage emotionally as well as thoughtfully.

How long will it take?

This depends on your goals, your engagement with the process and how we work together.
I am happy to do both short term and long-term work.

Are you confidential?

Yes I am. I do have regular clinical supervision to assess the quality of my work with you, my client. My supervisor will not have any specific details on you. Supervisors are also bound by the BACP and UKCP codes of ethics, including confidentiality.

Do you work with men and women?

I am happy to work with both male and female clients.

Do you do telephone or internet counseling?

I offer face-to-face counseling. This gives me a better sense of what is really important to my clients.


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