Becoming You...

About you

You might seek out therapy for a wide range of reasons. You may have a specific and recent issue that you want to address. Alternatively you may have an ongoing issue that you have been ignoring and you are now ready to look at. There are many other possibilities. I work to a deep level, which can address many of life’s problems. By addressing your emotional, mental, spiritual and physical needs you are aiming to get the best from your life. It is another way of looking after your health and supporting you in fulfilling your potential.

From my own experience, I understand the courage it takes to say that you are not happy with your life and want to make changes. You only have one life and it is important that you live your life and not someone else’s. As your counsellor, I will be holding up a mirror to you so that you begin to see yourself more clearly. Essentially it is about finding compassion for yourself, and putting energy into healing yourself and your relationships. It is about getting to the authentic you so that you feel free to be yourself and live more fully in the world. I do not have the answers but together we can discover the path of your unique journey.

These are some of the issues we can address together:

- Depression and anxiety
- Coping with change
- Bereavement and loss
- Identity and relationships
- Midlife and other transitions


Meeting and making meaning



Finding your own path


Young People

Growing pains