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My experience in an international accountancy firm in the city of London has given me an insight into successful large companies. I understand that success often comes at a price. From my experience of the public sector, mostly through education, I know that changing government agendas, legislation and targets can lead to a feeling of powerlessness. I have a good working knowledge of both the public and private sectors. More recently I have begun to appreciate the particular pleasures and challenges of self-employment. I have seen many adult clients over the past six years through my work volunteering in a counselling centre in Reading and through my own practice.

It may be that you or someone in your organisation could benefit from a few sessions with me. Sometimes it is the smaller issues that prevent us from reaching our full potential. By dealing with individual issues early, you and your organisation will be free to focus on your business. If these issues are not dealt with then they can lead to poor leadership, interpersonal conflicts, inefficient procedures, absenteeism, bullying and low productivity. Having worked as a team leader myself, I know too well the responsibilities of leadership.

Work/life balance is a constant source of worry for employers and employees alike. You want to retain good people and give them an opportunity to grow both personally and professionally. You do not want to lose good people because they see you as not responding to their needs. Your reputation is key to your success in recruitment and your presence in the market place. Offering a counselling service to your staff is just one way to show that you care about their well-being.

Available Services:

Counselling, Facilitation, Mentoring and Supervision, Careers Counselling, and Qualitative Research and Reporting


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