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Integrative Psychosynthesis

Psychosynthesis was developed by Roberto Assagioli, an Italian analyst. His contribution to the study of human beings is in adding a spiritual dimension to the existing model of the psyche. He focused on how we can move towards increasing wholeness by integrating or synthesising all parts of the personality to work together. It is not so much an approach as a lens through which we can witness human potential.

Integrative Psychosynthesis views both the depths and heights of human experience as vital and includes approaches from different schools of psychotherapy, providing a balanced, holistic and grounded healing.

It includes Psychodynamic, Gestalt, Jungian and Humanistic approaches. We can explore archetypes, images, dreams and bodywork: both light and shadow. It is holistic, and gives space for the emotions, soul, body, mind and spirit.

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