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“My experience was being held and supported in discovering and unfolding my life story in the context of my family system and my place within that group and in respect of my relationships with others. 

Shirley provided a safe and trusted space to help guide me through the self-discovery process and helped me understand how my history had shaped my current thinking and behaviour; and that by recognising this, allowed me to implement the changes I wanted and needed to make in order to bring about change and personal growth.

Through greater awareness of myself as a result of the therapy sessions, my body feelings and mind are seen as a whole rather than mutually exclusive.  The sessions also helped me understand how I impact on the world and the people I come into contact with and how I relate to them.  This continues to be a work in progress, but the journey has begun!” GF

“I had been to sessions with Shirley before, so knew I could trust her and be open. It is very difficult for me to open up and talk about upsetting events, but it had to be done and I trusted Shirley to help me and give a positive outcome. 

Shirley has good perception & has empathy but still maintains a professional approach.

I have been able to move on after a death in the family and have a healthier attitude towards those who have behaved badly. Shirley gave me good tips on dealing with anger and let me talk at my own pace.

I also realised that I can be less controlled in my daily life and to be kinder to myself and plan more fun events into my schedule.

I can acknowledge negative thoughts and feelings and process them without my usual anxious reaction.” HR


“very refreshing and good to take time to stop and breathe! Shirley guided the session with calm, reflective and insightful methods. The exercises helped me to focus on my breathing, awareness and movement; also how I might continue this at home. Learning to be more mindful will benefit me greatly in an often over-hurried LIFESTYLE!’ LL

“Really grateful for the time and space to be in the moment. Time to reflect about the here and now. Space to value our bodies, food and the beautiful things around us. Self-compassion being at the centre of the exercises. Space to explore in a safe environment” RC

“It’s good to have ideas and gain knowledge of meditations. I now see I’ve been living in the past.” SK

Therapeutic Writing

“This session was wonderful. Very helpful prompts and lots of opportunity to engage with my faith and explore therapeutic writing. I found it very helpful, inspiring and interesting.” LS

“This was not what I was expecting (strangely!) but was so much better than what I hoped for. I need to do this more often. You led this so sensitively and beautifully, it really is a ministry.” KT

“This session was a wonderful way to facilitate thinking/processing in a positive manner. It helped to understand where I am at and gave me ideas to implement in life after the weekend. Very worthwhile.” JE

“This session exceeded my expectations. I never thought I would read out anything I have ever written to anyone. I find it easier to write out my thoughts than ask for prayer. Today I wrote out my usual junk but to my surprise people said it was good. This session helped me to rediscover my gift and now I feel more confident in God to use it.” CG

“I felt safe. I expected to learn from Shirley and I did! I expected to be challenged and I was! It is ok to share with new people. I would like to do this again and explore more. I will look at how I write my thoughts at the end of the day and BE MORE POSITIVE.” Unsigned

“Very eye opening. Safe environment has helped me identify that I’m coming to the end of this phase of my life and moving on to bigger and greater things. Hopefully 🙂 “ Unsigned