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Therapeutic Writing sessions

Therapeutic writing is such a precious and simple option to working through our life experiences.

So many of us are writing more than ever due to our extensive use of social media.

Wouldn’t it be great to find a space to write where we’re not trying to impress others and we won’t be judged?

A place where we’re connecting with what is inside of ourselves and not how we want to appear with others.

By using creative and reflective exercises as well as visual stimuli I will encourage you to write what is in your heart. We can also use poems and quotes to explore our feelings in a safe way. Through reflecting and connecting with self and others you will gain a better appreciation for your life and more compassion for yourself.

If you’d like to explore this more have look at the options below and let me know which one is calling out to you..


This is an opportunity to take stock of your life today and include some reflective writing in it. This could take the form of keeping a journal which  we could expand on in our sessions. There are different exercises for helping you to connect to your past and your experiences in the present. We would also explore goals and the future life you envision for yourself. Examples could be – ‘The house I grew up in’, My role in my family then and now’ etc.

Writing for Wellbeing

A program where we focus writing on the positive aspects of your life and explore words that can move you towards a happier place. This can include rewriting the past, creating your own story, finding your words and making use of poems, lyrics, quotes to support your journey. E.g. ‘I enjoy…’

Writing in bereavement

In these sessions you will find a place to work through the different stages of grief and loss. You may be experiencing shock, denial, anger, pain and depression. Getting together in itself can support you through the process.  We could make use of journals, writing letters, telling the story, memoire writing and using metaphors. This could evoke themes of meaning and purpose and perhaps eventual acceptance. It will be your space to use as you see fit.

Writing through faith

If you have a faith or are seeking answers to the big questions then this could be a place to explore the questions you ask yourself. What has been your journey through faith? What supports your perspective and what hinders it? How do you experience your faith and how does that impact on your life? This is not a place for guilt or conversion but a space to be connect to yourself and be true to your journey.

Contact me to find out about the next therapeutic writing sessions to try this out for yourself. A good starting point is my book on self reflection. For Testimonials go here.


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